Item collection 59452 original Gallery hero 59452 original

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose.....


Item collection 59519 original Gallery hero 59519 original

8 pink flowers


Item collection 60921 original Gallery hero 60921 original

Shades of Brown - 3 scrubbies


Item collection 20068 original Gallery hero 20068 original

Green Shell Scarf


Item collection 61293 original Gallery hero 61293 original

Sunshine Yellow Scrubbies


Item collection 59332 original Gallery hero 59332 original

Roses are Red....I Mean Orange!


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Crocheted Creations by Brenda

You will find beautifully handcrafted crochet items here. A lot of love goes into every piece!

Custom orders are more than welcome. If you see something that you would like in a different color, please ask!!